A Request for Action to be Taken Against Pollution in Nigeria

A littered road in Nigeria A littered road in Nigeria

It is increasingly becoming known as a fact that the next decade will see some of the largest cities in the world emerge in Africa.

The problem is that the various problems of air pollution, water pollution, and the pollution— which results from littering— are becoming more and more problematic for the residents of urban areas in these African cities. The people most affected by the pollution are the poor. Here is a look at the situation in Lagos, Nigeria and a bit about how there can come about a more positive change there.

Following the Story of Stella
The video follows the story of a lady named Stella. Stella is a Nigerian woman living in the city of Lagos. She makes a journey to the main city limits of Lagos for work every day. Her commute daily for work is to and from a garbage dump called the Olusoson Landfill Site. It is a whole garbage dump filled landfill site with over 2,400 tons of garbage accumulated over there and she works as a scavenger in that mountain of garbage.
The vast garbage dump now has a whole community that is centered around the activities of scavenging through the enormous dump. Stella says that she comes there every day in order to scavenge through the dumps. The main thing which she finds herself collecting from the dumps is nylon in all its different forms. She and hundreds of other men, women and children gather there every day to collect the scraps and sell them to earn their daily bread. There is so much need for recycling garbage in the city that it has actually become a way of life for many poor Nigerians living in and around Lagos.

Dirty drainage system

Face Value of Lagos
On the surface, Lagos seems to be one of the most promising cities in the whole continent of Africa. This is a bustling city which shows the most promising signs of becoming a proper metropolitan city. Lagos is widely considered to be the first city to spring up on the continent and boasts an economy which is vibrant and thriving. With so many opportunities available there, it is seeing an exponential growth in terms of business. The city is booming with more and more businesses coming to light, the cultural scene is at its height there and there are bigger companies coming into the mainstream with the prospect of a growing number of oil companies in the city.

Problem of Pollution and Management
The issue is that with the increasing number of people and more businesses booming, the 21 million strong population is starting to choke from the pollution it is creating. There are increasing problems of littering, air pollution and water pollution which is becoming more and more harmful for the residents of the city.
The road to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly Nigeria is going to be a long one but the action has to be taken with immediate effect. Other than the big scale projects which are aimed to removing the pollutants from the country, there should be more initiatives taken to resolve the problem on a more grassroots level. African cities are growing faster and faster every year and they are well on their way to becoming the largest cities in the world within a decade. What’s important is to make sure the growth is more viable environmentally and sustainable in terms of the peoples’ health and well-being in order for the growing economies to thrive in a sustainable manner.

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