How Nigerians cause road accidents and blame the devil

A road accident in Nigeria A road accident in Nigeria Photo Credit: NTA

Road accidents are without doubts the most common and frequent accident in the Nigeria transport system with the efforts being carried out, given little or no results.

According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics(NBS), a record 2,598 Nigerians died in road accidents between October, 2017 and March, 2018. That is alarming and in other countries should have resulted in an emergency being declared, but in Nigeria it is taken as a normal thing and life goes on.
The accident rate in the country is so high and the deaths alarming that Nigerians now see it as a normal thing and just pray they are not the victims.
A report by revealed that South Africa has had just 148 deaths from road accidents since January 2017 and one wonders why the high rate of mortality in the country?
Nigeria is a very religious country where most incidents are regard as an act of God and one begins to wonder if God is cruel or its failings from our part as Nigerians. An average Nigeria believes the ember months( September to December) are when the devil really comes out to harm people via accidents and one wonders how true could that be?

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Road accidents in Nigeria can be narrowed than to two main factors and that is bad government and Nigerians.
Successive governments in the country have failed to address the age long decay with the roads in the country despite the enormous wealth that has come the way of the nation since oil was first discovered in 1956. One begs to wonder what it would take to fix all the highways in the country as over 90% of the fatal crashes occur on the route?
The roads in the country are so bad that one has to be an expert on a particular route to be able to speed unless you are set for a crash.
Sometimes the citizens are forced to follow the opposite lane in a bid to avoid a bad spot and boom accidents are bound to occur.
The government is so bad that citizens have to lobby for bad roads in their vicinity to be fixed or constructed and one wonders why it has to be so or is the government not concerned about the safety of its people?
If all roads in the country are fixed, road accidents in the country would more than reduce by half.

Road accident in Nigeria
Road accident in Nigeria

The second major factor leading to road accidents in the country are the citizens.
An average Nigerian driver on the road is always in an hurry and one wonders why the hurry every time. Worthy of note is the disregard for traffic rules in the country by drivers, they disobey traffic lights, don't obey speed limits and don't mind going the opposite direction in a bid to avoid traffic.
Drivers in the country don't wear safety belts and feel like they are being punished by the Federal Road Safety Officials when asked to wear them, forgetting the belt is meant to protect them when a crash occurs.
Drunk driving is also a major cause of accident in the country as this makes the driver to take unnecessary risks there by endangering themselves and other road users.
Nigerians due to the economy or an habit hardly check the worthiness of their cars, if the breaks are doing great or the tires are expired and all. They go into the road each day with little or no knowledge about the state of their car.

In conclusion, there are natural causes of accidents also but this is less than 3% in the country with humans being responsible for the other 97%.
The government has to do more in fixing bad roads in the country and educating drivers on basic traffic rules, while Nigerians have to kill that notion of God wanting them to die and focus on doing more in improving their own safety.
End of the year is when most people move and hence there is high level of traffic and a tendency for more crashes, but if simple safety rules are followed and caution is applied, road accidents would be reduced to its possible minimum in the country

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