Ijaw youths react to the alleged selective employment in the NNPC


The peace being enjoyed in the Niger-delta would soon be a thing of the past as the attention of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has again been drawn to the unhindered nepotistic practices by the Buhari led-federal Government.

The Government in fulfilment of its avowed 97% and 5% voters ratios in the 2015 Presidential election is aiding nepotistic and jingoistic practices in public institutions thereby sidelining the areas that gave the President with 5% votes from the scheme of things.
The recent managerial appointments in NNPC can be safely referred to as one of such discriminatory practices of the Government against some sections of the Country. Not only critical and sensitive appointments were greeted with political-cum democratic aparthy, even the the Government’s corporations/parastatals have been subjected to such undemocratic practices.
In NNPC, out of the of 15 managerial positions appointed into the management board, 10 was given to the North, 3 was given to the South West, while 2 was given to the South South. None was appointed from the South East. Is this Government really for everybody in this Country?

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The Niger Delta region that lays the golden eggs for the nation but regrettably bears the economic brunt of environmental degradation and despoliation is given just two meager slots, while some people who do not even know the colour of the black gold are enjoying the largesse. Does this Government really need peace in the region?
President Buhari and the handlers of the executive office should not provoke Niger Delta people to anger.
IYC is calling on the Government to review its inhuman and divisive policies, especially the recent appointments in the NNPC. Niger Delta people who hitherto bear the pains of feeding this Country will no longer sit idly by and allow people to shave our heads with broken bottle. We shall publish with details through our subsequent publications all the names and offices of the persons appointed in the management board of the NNPC by cabals in the present Government.
People of goodwill should prevail on the Government before things get out of hand. We will not be allowed to be continuously emasculated by our oppressors. Niger Delta people can no longer bear the toga of second fiddle human being in our fatherland. The Oil is being extracted from our Lands therefore we deserved a better treatment.

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